Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013- A quick recap through my lens

My 2013- a quick recap

Emotional part of 2013:
  • Bonding of loved ones who I did not meet for almost 3 years.
  • Spent most of time with friends and laughed for hours. Happy to have earned a reliable gang of friends to share and care.
  • Made this Diwali a special one with Lavanya( & family), the beneficiary of BUDS Foundation. 
  • Almost 15+ friends got married/engaged and about 6 nice friends entered parenthood.
  • Got inspiration from a lot of dedicated men and women working hard to create a social change that I had only dreamt of. Arvind Kejriwal became a new icon to look for.
  • Sachin's farewell !! Glad I was alive to watch him kiss the ground and leave the field with such glory and humility.
  • There cannot be good without bad. September and October tested our nerves when my husband was gripped by Dengue and its sideeffects. Good that the worse is over. This was the time we learnt the lesson "Health is wealth".
  • Death gripped 5 of my near and dear ones.Balamurali- One of my favourite college Seniors who was passionate about hockey bid goodbye to the world. On the other hand, Mandela- my favourite leader who fought for peace rested in peace.
The serious part of 2013:
  • I crossed 25 years of age... !!!!
  • Had a nomadic life shuttling between Chennai, Virudhunagar and Madurai.
  • Got Introduced and connected with some of the best people in the startup ecosystem. (Dream of an aspiring entrepreneur)
  • Had the Eureka moment!! Realised the fact that ideas are meaningless until it is executed. 
  • Made the craziest mistakes and happily ended up with experience. ( Am a big fan of Edison !)
  • Zeroed in one a product that best suits my personal interests. This brainchild of mine was given the name "JollyEventz". Toiling to see it bearing fruits in 2014.
  • Joined NativeLead Foundation that works for a social cause that is close to my interests.
  • I feel like am travelling on the right direction- Primarily because of the people I meet. 
Looking forward to another year of good , bad and crazy stuff.. Welcome 2014!!! Happy new year to all of you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Type symbols using Keyboard shortcuts

Our life today revolves around word documents and spreadsheets. There are quite a large number of keyboard short cuts we use. Other than Ctrl-C, Ctrl V, here are some interesting shortcuts that work in combination with the Alt key.

 For ☺smiley face- use Alt + 1
 For ☻black smiley face- use Alt + 2

Playing cards:
For ♥ Heart - use Alt + 3
For ♦ Diamond- use Alt +4
For ♣ Club - use Alt + 5
For ♠ s­pade - use Alt +6

For ↑­up arrow - use Alt + 24
For ↓down arrow - use Alt + 25
For → right arrow - use Alt + 26
For ← left arrow - use Alt + 27
For ↕u­p/down arrow - use Alt + 18
For ↔ lef­t right arrow - use Alt + 29

Website related symbols:
 For ™ trademark symbol  - use Alt + 0153         
 For © copyright symbol- use Alt + 0169
 For ®registered ­ trademark symbol  - use Alt + 0174    

Mathematics symbols:
° degre­e symbol - use Alt + 0176
For  ± plus-or ­-minus sign - use Alt + 0177
For ¾ fractio­n or three-fourths- use Alt + 0190For × multi ­plication sign- use Alt + 0215
For ∑ N-ary summation (auto sum) - use Alt + 8721
For √ s­quare root or check mark - use Alt + 251

Musical Notes:
For ♪ e­ighth note- use Alt + 13
For ♫ ­beamed eighth note- use Alt + 14

English Grammar:
For ¶ paragraph mark- use Alt + 0182
For ¡ upside down exclamation point - use Alt + 0161
For ¿ ­upside down question mark- use Alt + 0191

Other signs:
For ☼ su­n - use Alt + 15
For ♀ f­emale sign- use Alt + 12
For ♂ male sign- use Alt + 11