Sunday, December 26, 2010

Childhood frolic

Its true that,"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun". As kids,We colour our days with smiles not really understanding the reason behind all of them.We would keep ourselves busy all time playing all the silliest games on earth. This post is meant to refresh my memory regarding the craziest things I've done while I was in the lower classes at school. As I recollect them now ,I burst into laughter reminiscing the way I pronounced many of the english words back then..

Some of the games were like reciting rhymes not knowing the meaning though.Many of us would have played while at school or with cousins and neighbours. The few of them which still linger on my mind are "Oh pillar,caterpillar.........", "Orange juices lemon......." "Yam Cheese......".I used to commute to and from school by school van.At times we had to wait for a few minutes till our van arrives.Till then we would play around reciting these rhymes.

1. OH PILLAR........

This game is played by 2 or more kids in a standing position preferably..

"Oh pillar!!
(clap clap clap)
(clap clap clap)
Lazy boys!!
(clap clap clap)
Active girls!!
(clap clap clap)
Sing a song!!
(clap clap clap)
Ping a Pong!!
(clap clap clap)
Go to School!!
(clap clap clap)
Be a Fool!!
(clap clap clap)
(Then recite the whole thing
once but quickly as possible)

All the kids need to stand like statues till one of them is caught out for moving off the position.


There are 3 or more kids here. 2 of them sing the song and hold hands forming a lifted bridge while other kids form a train like pattern and go below the bridge.In the end, one of them is caught between the bridge as the song's last word is sung.Its fun to play with many friends.

"Orange Juices Lemon,
Sold for a penny,
All the school girls,
Are so many,
The grass is green,
And the rose is red,
Remember me when you’re,
dead …


This is the game for all those lazy kids who prefer to sit and play. All the kids sit around in a circle with their hands on their lap.They recite the song mentioned below.The game begins with one of them clapping once and then tapping the neighbour's left hand and continues by passing the clap in a circular pattern.When the song ends ,i.e. last word is sung,the person clapping or receiving the clap is caught and asked to fold his arms .The game continues with the same song for several times.Each time ,the kid who is caught has to vary his hands position.It would be fun cause, at times both hands will be folded and the kid will try to clap in the same position and find it difficult to pass on the clap.

What sounds crazy to me now is the lyrics of the song. After being grown up only,I realise that it was meant to introduce the various foods of the English people.Kids would pronounce it like slogans recited in temples.It must have been hard for any newcomer to decipher the song :)

"Yam Cheese sam Butter
Sauce Potato Chip Chip Chip
Sauce Potato Chip Chip Chip
Cream Roll Mutton Roll
Chicken Roll,Yam….

These games may be prevalent even now I guess.In addition to the above,there are lots more..Whatever be it,I cherish those lovely days and those sweet friends for having made my childhood a memorable one.

.... ChILdHoOd DayS ROcKz!!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Painting corner

How blessed are we!!

Having been born to caring parents would be the first thing to call ourselves as "Blessed". First let me make it clear, I am not gonna elaborate things here and conclude that God has blessed us abundantly. All I would like to say here is we need to realise all the small things in life which we enjoy. Lamenting over spoilt milk is useless. Moreover we come up with complaints each day and we always wish to have more. We do not have a heart that gets contented with what we have. But after all, this is what human nature is. Blame it on ourselves !! ok... coming back to the topic I was discussing, There are lots more people in this very own world seeking for the very basic amenities we tend to overlook.

We need to remember that there are still people staying in tents on roadsides. They lead a nomadic life even now . On the contrary there are few other people hunting to buy lands in several parts of the city. There are people hardly having a meal twice a day. But we find lots of people ending up in star hotels eating and drinking lavishly. Still a large population are in rags and I don't think the count of beggars has gone down in India. Meanwhile there is a steady increase in the number of shopping malls calling themselves the city's pride. Iam not against all the current growth in our place. But all I wish to have is, a growth in the living conditions of our fellow people here struggling to survive .I dont think it is impossible.

What seems to be a waste to us may be of use to someone somewhere. We at times shrug our minds from thinking about others. All we expect is personal happiness. Very few take an initiative to do their part for the society at large. If one happens to spend some time with people at rehabilitation centres for the mentally challenged, I bet we would realise how blessed we are. We atleast know who we are. This realisation can work wonders . But then it seems to be idle many a times.

We need to make ourselves happy as well as do something for others too. That brings in even more happiness. Lets start from basic help and end up serving atleast a few in future. The change in society can be done only by me and you. If not we people who else can.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A tribute to my first hero

Its been a long journey through life,
An everlasting story I'd say.
Dad,my epitome of love undoubtedly,
You're my first striking hero.
Lots of smiles-you gave me,
At times few tears too.

How lucky am I on earth!
To feel your love and warmth.
Endless care,you showered each day,
They still linger live in my eye,
Our bond's strength-I dint realize,
Until that very auspicious day.

Was it ill-fate or goodluck?
I know not till today,
T'was time to say goodbye,
So sadly you bid adieu.
Down your eyes-Tears rolled,
A blend of emotions in mine.

You knew I adore you a lot,
So don't worry, my first friend.
It was part of Life's game,
There's always a new beginning.
Happiness-sure on our way,
Only if we forgive and forget.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Life begins with a cry at birth,
unknowing the pain awaiting till death,
I really don't understand the truth,
that runs in the minds of youth.

I felt things were all so good,
during a time called childhood,
When ignorance was a bliss,
in a horror world as this.

Not knowing is not ignorance,
cause knowledge is an ocean.
Not being intelligent is not ignorance,
cause we don't know what intelligence is.

Does ignorance mean,not living in reality?
no, cause most of us live in dream world.
Does ignorance mean ,not being educated?
no, cause uneducated have good experience .

Ignorance has been our biggest error,
the world is full of terror,
Many people are today homeless,
only because of society's ignorance.

All I wish and Pray for is,
let the youth arise and awake ,
To stand against all society's mistake,
and make this world a better place to live.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wow!!!its been a yr since i made a post here:)

2009 has gone past carrying away all my mistakes......

I haven't posted anything...but then i have done helluva lot things in that yr..
lots of twists and turns in life...
There had been quite a lot of transformations in my roles and status of life as well..

Well to start with, I've successfully completed my undergraduation..oh goodness!!! I have finished B.E Geo-Informatics..But this doesn't mean i know what geo-informatics is all about. Still, I can call myself a Geomatic engineer..Maybe thats why people say life is crazy!!!

Then......There was that period of secrecy and silent prayers..
Not much to elaborate on it cos by the time i cud realise wat was taking place,2009 was about to end. All along, I had been wondering and expecting a call letter from TCS. Little did I know that I would be called in dec,2009.

The highlight of 2009 is the day I tied the wedding knot with my special person.A memorable day in life (I actually have no words to express). Anyways it was a happy day , something to cherish life long.

Finally, the call letter from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had come. I went for training to Trivandrum.

So, by the end of 2009, I had become an Engineer, taken a new role as a wife, entered the corporate world. Above all, I now have endless things to think over and act. Why am I speaking so serious?

Whatever be the truth, thats the fact. Life has still a long way to go. Iam so eager and looking forward to lots more. I just love the way my life is moving on....

Maybe someday I dream to be the person I wish to be...Let the worse be over!!!