Sunday, July 25, 2010

A tribute to my first hero

Its been a long journey through life,
An everlasting story I'd say.
Dad,my epitome of love undoubtedly,
You're my first striking hero.
Lots of smiles-you gave me,
At times few tears too.

How lucky am I on earth!
To feel your love and warmth.
Endless care,you showered each day,
They still linger live in my eye,
Our bond's strength-I dint realize,
Until that very auspicious day.

Was it ill-fate or goodluck?
I know not till today,
T'was time to say goodbye,
So sadly you bid adieu.
Down your eyes-Tears rolled,
A blend of emotions in mine.

You knew I adore you a lot,
So don't worry, my first friend.
It was part of Life's game,
There's always a new beginning.
Happiness-sure on our way,
Only if we forgive and forget.