Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birth of an entrepreneur!!

It takes a lifetime to realize who we really are. What we really are right now is just a matter of what we love to be at the moment. Sudden philosophy runs through my mind when I try to make this post after a long gap of almost a year. I take the blame :P As I think as to how I can add life to this blog, I ended up with the idea of sharing the flow of emotions in my life as an entrepreneur.

Not a bad idea though!! It feels great to blog and express what you really feel inside when the whole world pictures you in numerous ways than one. So here I am trying to lament over the strange thought process that happened to me as I try to live up to the newly formed role,"The Entrepreneur".

Everyone loves to run their business and be the king or queen in whatever they do. Am not sure whether any of this struck me before starting my Venture- "GeoVerge". But I must admit that this little wish of mine to have my own business with the love of my life( my life partner) was sleeping in the deep corner of my mind for quite some time. Before my wish could die out, Stalin and my friends (my partners in crime while at college) gave hope and joined hands together for the mission. Thanks to all those hearts that motivated us and cheered up during the nascent stages.

I've heard many stories of entrepreneurship and have always believed it be a magical world where all that matters is hard work and endurance. No matter whether you ran out of school or landed up in a treasure island with massive wealth, success comes to those who think they can. And this works well for entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference.Its been some months since I've entered this board of entrepreneurs with great plans and passion. I am sure the road ahead brings with it ample opportunities and challenges. The journey begins with this lesson- Learn from your mistakes. That's the best experience to know what's right or wrong.

Life can be easy even during tough times when there is someone to give you a shoulder. I have that someone in the form of my partner and so I shouldn't be wasting time worrying over the problems that are gonna come my way. Come what may, am prepared to face the challenges ahead. When the decision of starting the company was made, I was excited and felt like a new born eager to know anything and everything in business. In fact the very feeling of being an Entrepreneur itself gives some sort of confidence that no words can describe. Each day of my life now paints a different picture of life and slowly takes me towards my goal. Success, here I come!!!!