Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Painting corner

How blessed are we!!

Having been born to caring parents would be the first thing to call ourselves as "Blessed". First let me make it clear, I am not gonna elaborate things here and conclude that God has blessed us abundantly. All I would like to say here is we need to realise all the small things in life which we enjoy. Lamenting over spoilt milk is useless. Moreover we come up with complaints each day and we always wish to have more. We do not have a heart that gets contented with what we have. But after all, this is what human nature is. Blame it on ourselves !! ok... coming back to the topic I was discussing, There are lots more people in this very own world seeking for the very basic amenities we tend to overlook.

We need to remember that there are still people staying in tents on roadsides. They lead a nomadic life even now . On the contrary there are few other people hunting to buy lands in several parts of the city. There are people hardly having a meal twice a day. But we find lots of people ending up in star hotels eating and drinking lavishly. Still a large population are in rags and I don't think the count of beggars has gone down in India. Meanwhile there is a steady increase in the number of shopping malls calling themselves the city's pride. Iam not against all the current growth in our place. But all I wish to have is, a growth in the living conditions of our fellow people here struggling to survive .I dont think it is impossible.

What seems to be a waste to us may be of use to someone somewhere. We at times shrug our minds from thinking about others. All we expect is personal happiness. Very few take an initiative to do their part for the society at large. If one happens to spend some time with people at rehabilitation centres for the mentally challenged, I bet we would realise how blessed we are. We atleast know who we are. This realisation can work wonders . But then it seems to be idle many a times.

We need to make ourselves happy as well as do something for others too. That brings in even more happiness. Lets start from basic help and end up serving atleast a few in future. The change in society can be done only by me and you. If not we people who else can.