Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friendship day !!

While at school, I remember how ecstatic we would be on a day such as "Friendship day". Back then, we did not have so much attention to it either in the media or social networking sites. But still the bond of friendship was getting a little special on the so called friendship day. In fact there were times when you can find someone gloomy just because he/she ended up with few friendship bands than someone else. I can recollect how tediously I would prep bands and feel happy once they are tied on my friend's hand. As a little girl, it was a great feeling. Crazy as can be!!

Having grown up, I don't find the day to be so fascinating anymore. Is it because I've realised that friends are part of life every day and not just on Friendship day. Or is it because I do not want to make a fuss of something that matters less compared to other important days that we are still ignorant about. If we analyse things better, we would notice that almost every day has a significance like "World Cancer day", "World AIDS day" "Nelson mandela day" "Liberation day" and what not . But do we really acknowledge them all.

Am I sounding negative? Not really ....!?! Am not against celebrations for friendship day or even any other day that marks a significant relationship, But I believe we need to widen our areas of interest and give importance to additional details as well. Friendship day is a great day to get nostalgic about our friends circle and spend time with those in reach. But mere lip sayings matter less. All that matters is the essence of friendship dwelling in the hearts of friends themselves.

Lets not feel the speciality of a friend only on a day or so. Its something beyond that. Every friend lives by it and will always stay proud to find a twin soul. Rightly said, "Friendship is the only ship that never sinks"..

Happy to have found a bunch of lovely friends who care and share.