Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wow!!!its been a yr since i made a post here:)

2009 has gone past carrying away all my mistakes......

I haven't posted anything...but then i have done helluva lot things in that yr..
lots of twists and turns in life...
There had been quite a lot of transformations in my roles and status of life as well..

Well to start with, I've successfully completed my undergraduation..oh goodness!!! I have finished B.E Geo-Informatics..But this doesn't mean i know what geo-informatics is all about. Still, I can call myself a Geomatic engineer..Maybe thats why people say life is crazy!!!

Then......There was that period of secrecy and silent prayers..
Not much to elaborate on it cos by the time i cud realise wat was taking place,2009 was about to end. All along, I had been wondering and expecting a call letter from TCS. Little did I know that I would be called in dec,2009.

The highlight of 2009 is the day I tied the wedding knot with my special person.A memorable day in life (I actually have no words to express). Anyways it was a happy day , something to cherish life long.

Finally, the call letter from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had come. I went for training to Trivandrum.

So, by the end of 2009, I had become an Engineer, taken a new role as a wife, entered the corporate world. Above all, I now have endless things to think over and act. Why am I speaking so serious?

Whatever be the truth, thats the fact. Life has still a long way to go. Iam so eager and looking forward to lots more. I just love the way my life is moving on....

Maybe someday I dream to be the person I wish to be...Let the worse be over!!!

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