Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Information is omnipresent !!

                   Social networking and technological growth are certainly shrinking the world into a global village. All of us seem to coexist so well in-spite of boundaries and unimaginable differences. While at school, I thought only books had all the information that one needed. As I grew up, it looked like even television programmes and news channels imparted knowledge. Only after entering college did I realize that all information is hidden inside GOOGLE and I need not depend on books anymore. The next level of realization was social networking , web conferencing, smartphones and all the i-devices that are power-packed with useful content from all over the world.

                 So did I really discover and make use of all these sources to gain knowledge???Each of the above mentioned plays a distinctive role at sometime or the other but is inconsistent.There is something more powerful and resourceful. If we carefully observe all our day-to-day actions we will arrive at this conclusion that PEOPLE are a wealth of information. (Think for a few seconds and you'll agree to what I say). As for me, the enlightenment finally happened after starting a company on my own. ( Better late than never, is'nt it :) am not that old anyways) People are the best source of information and Experience is valuable than theoretical documents.

                 Babies learn from adults. Children imitate and learn from kids of their age or from members of their family. Almost everything we do on a regular basis was picked up from some person or the other.  Books played a vital role in our thoughts and actions but the best teacher was always a human. Everyone associated with me had taught me a lesson. Even those I come across on the roads have in some way or the other affected my thinking. We never know who will come to our rescue or who will pull our legs. But experience though bitter or sweet has shaped and moulded us.

                I am thankful for all those who I've come across so far in my life and I eagerly look forward to meet many people and learn from their experiences. After all our life is too short to live and experience all that we dream of. Pay attention to everybody around you and help one another grow. There's lot more that what the internet can find and tell us. What matters is EXPERIENCE and the spirit to take Life the way it comes.          

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