Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things of the 90's which today's kids might not know

Gone are the days when the following things made life interesting. Today's kids don't have a chance to know them. Just wanted to recollect my childhood days. Hope you travel back your memory lane and smile as you read through... Do comment below if you find I've missed out any other thing of the 90's.

What I liked when I was a little girl at home:

1. My biggest assets in life were my "Natraj" pencil and rubber- only Branded u see :P
2. All my pocket money was spent on "Assay" and "Mango Bite" chocolates. 

3. I thought the best collection of songs were carefully stored inside CASSETTES and Radio. TV was however next on the list.

4. I had to run upstairs to adjust those "Antenna rods" while my dad/mom checks on the clarity of the TV channel.

5. I hardly stayed indoors during holidays. All my lovely friends together played street cricket and bruised our knees in the name of "Good Fielding".

6. I never spent more than Rs.15 to cut my hair. What I called "Saloons" those days have today become "salons" and prices have gone up drastically. We hardly worried whether the razor was washed or not.

7. Words like "DENGUE", "TSUNAMI" and "TERRORISM" were unheard of.

8. I ran from "Fancy store" to "Fancy store" to select a greeting for my special friend.Today even e-cards have lost their fantasy.

9. I wrote long letters to my distant relatives. Letters and postcards bridged the distance and brought close ones nearer.
10. Not sure how many children today have used "Stamps". But as a kid, I was fond of collecting Stamps. I indeed had a stamp book with more than 300 stamps from around the world.

11. When it was festival time or outing to the beach, all I would plead my dad to get me was a "Kutchi Ice". Many a times "Cold" was my enemy just because it prevented me from enjoying a sweet colorful ice.

12. The sweetest and cheapest sweet to be purchased from nearby potti kadai (Little shops) were "Thaen mittai" and "Kamarkat"

I have just listed a few. If you could add any more to this list, It would be great. Afterall we can't deny the fact that "Childhood" is the golden era of life". Lets get nostalgic and feel happy.


jacqueline said...

Simply Beautiful.What about the egg sweet that took a long time to suck and was too big for our small mouth.

Padman Dhayal said...
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Padman Dhayal said...
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